So, what the heck is all this?

I’m a transhumanist, skeptic and vegetarian who’s interested in science fiction, science, philosophy, math, language, consciousness and the nature of reality…

Reading this blog you can expect to find diverse posts on the topics mentioned above.

What I want / My values

(draft 3.1, 2014-12-13)

(1.) Within the life span of every sentient being, the being’s happiness should eventually outweigh its suffering. In other words, every life should have positive value.

(1.1) Whether a life has positive value should be decided based on the best possible prediction of the best possible reflective equilibrium that each being’s future self can reach when given all available information and sufficient resources to evaluate those information correctly.

(1.1.1) Any being’s extrapolated self should be uncoerced. Which means that successive versions of a being’s self need to agree to any changes to their preferences.

(2.) The complex preferences of every sentient being should be satisfied.

(3.) Everything should be done to maximize 2 without violating 1.

Contact Information

Name: Alexander Kruel

Phone: +49 (0)5241 3007816
e-Mail: da [at] kruel.co


Note that I wrote some posts, posts that could previously be found on this blog, during a dark period of my life. Eliezer Yudkowsky is a decent and honest person with no ill intent, and anybody can be made to look terrible by selectively collecting all of his quotes one-sidedly as I did. I regret those posts, and leave this note here as an archive to that regret.


XiXiDu aka Alexander Kruel

Alexander Kruel

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