Singularity Institute mentioned on Franco-German TV

(I originally published this article on, 07 November 2011)

The following is a clipping of a documentary about transhumanism that I recorded when it aired on Arte, September 22 2011.

At the beginning and end of the video Luke Muehlhauser and Michael Anissimov give a short commentary.

Download here: German, French (ask for HD download link). Should play with VLC player.

Sadly, the people who produced the show seemed to be somewhat confused about the agenda of the Singularity Institute. At one point they seem to be saying that the SIAI believes into “the good in the machines”, adding “how naive!”, while the next sentence talks about how the SIAI tries to figure out how to make machines respect humans.

Here is the original part of the clip that I am talking about:

In San Francisco glaubt eine Vereinigung ehrenamtlicher junger Wissenschaftler dennoch an das Gute im Roboter. Wie naiv! Hier im Singularity Institute, dass Kontakte zu den großen Unis wie Oxford hat, zerbricht man sich den Kopf darüber, wie man zukünftigen Formen künstlicher Intelligenz beibringt, den Menschen zu respektieren.

Die Forscher kombinieren Daten aus Informatik und psychologischen Studien. Ihr Ziel: Eine Not-to-do-Liste, die jedes Unternehmen bekommt, das an künstlicher Intelligenz arbeitet.

My translation:

In San Francisco however, a society of young voluntary scientists believes in the good in robots. How naive! Here at the Singularity Institute, which has a connection to big universities like Oxford, they think about how to teach future artificial intelligences to respect humans.

I am a native German speaker by the way, maybe someone else who speaks German can make more sense of it (and is willing to translate the whole clip).

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